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Recreational Vehicle Insurance Information

Recreational vehicles provide more value than simply carrying you from point A to point B; they transport you with exhilarating fun. Even though these vehicles are more for fun than function, they still need the protection that insurance provides, just like any other piece of expensive property you own. The need is, perhaps, even greater due to the increased liability risks.

Liability Coverage

Just like your car, a recreational vehicle can be involved in an accident that causes bodily injury and/or property damage to others. Liability coverage can cover the expenses associated with any damage that you inadvertently inflict while enjoying your recreational vehicle. This type of policy can also cover the cost of environmental cleanup if an accident involves the spillage of toxic chemicals.

Liability policies may have a deductible that requires a pre-determined contribution per incident or year, along with coverage limits.

Property Coverage

After considering the liability risks associated with recreational vehicles, you may also wish to purchase coverage for the value of the vehicle itself. Property coverage can cover the costs of repair or replacement in the event of a collision, weather-related physical damage, theft and vandalism. Additionally, your policy may also cover personal belongings stored inside of a recreational vehicle, such as clothing and electronics.

In some instances, such as if you live in your RV, you may need more specialized coverage for additional risks including extreme weather conditions and custom equipment. Your agent can help you determine the coverage that’s right for your needs.

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